Something that is fundamental to Cue Ball is our vision to invest in purpose driven companies and to always remember to be human-centric in our actions. Inspired by one of our Swedish partners, we’ve even taken up the tradition of FIKA at our office – to carve out some short weekly breaks to step away from our desks and gather as a group.  Collegiality and real human to human connection helps to keeps things real and beautiful.

Since our team has been working from home we brainstormed ways to be collaborative creative in the ways we could remain connected as a culture and team. As we watched the videos of people singing on their balconies and terraces during the Coronavirus in-shelter mandates, we were inspired to create our own collection of uplifting, fun, and even silly songs to serve as our new theme pieces to help carry us through the day.

We hope our playlist of theme songs brings you all as much joy as it has brought our Cue Ball family!