Hilario Bango

Creative in Residence

Hilario Bango is Cue Ball’s Creative in Residence at Cue Ball and also Co-founder and Creative Director of Martian Arts, a creative brand and storytelling agency.  At Cue Ball, Hilario brings the art and power of storytelling and design to our firm and our portfolio companies.  As a retained resource available to our portfolio businesses, Hilario has helped founders better shape their brand purpose and better share the narrative of their vision. The range of his work has included everything from the visual expression of a firm’s identity to the development of content pillars of their story.

Born in the city of Buenos Aires, where he studied Audiovisual Design, he honed his theatrical talents by producing and directing a large body of material working in advertising, television, and film with various brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Coke-Cola. In 2011 Hilario moved to Boston to start his storytelling and brand development firm, Martian Arts and he joined Cue Ball as a Creative-in-Residence in 2013. Since then he’s has worked as a creative advisor to brands such as TB12, MiniLuxe, Virgin Pulse, ianacare and more. Fascinated by the power of the story to open minds and even shape whole cultures, he exercises that muscle daily at Cue Ball during the day and bedtime stories to wife, Kirsten and their son, Kai in the evening.