March 24, 2020

Dear Cue Ball Friends, Family and Founders,

These past ten days have been among the most difficult, emotional and challenging of my career—and probably yours. But more challenging even than business considerations and logic is the human side.

Cue Ball has thousands of employees across our portfolio. Of them, our 1300 hourly workers have been most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. MiniLuxe, Roti, and Epic Burger, all within the retail services or restaurant sector, have been hit the hardest. Please consider supporting these businesses with gift card purchases, contributions to employee relief funds or by ordering items online or in person—and tell friends to do the same.

Over the coming weeks, we ask only that you support one another. Share best practices. Be someone else’s rock. Let love win over fear. Tap into our collective well of humanity. We will soon be setting up a resource micro-site to disseminate information and articles on

We are proud and honored to count you as friends and partners during this fight. Your leadership, and the goodness you practice every day, inspires us. We’ve got your back. If we can, let us help.

Yours with compassion and courage,

Tony Tjan
Managing Partner, Co-Founder, Cue Ball