We started our firm because we believe in the power of people and ideas, but felt that structures for capitalizing them were dated. They were too short-term, too insular and more financial-centric than human-centric. As entrepreneurs, we wanted another choice – one more purposeful, people-first, and truly patient.

So, we created Cue Ball as a more progressive investment model endorsing diverse entrepreneurs taking on category-defining and culturally-shifting ideas. We seek that rare intersection of entrepreneurial passion meeting human perspective. Purpose and profit are not natural enemies, but instead can fuel each other. Towards such ambitions, our evergreen capital allows for flexibility and patience. Microwave capitalism just isn’t us. Venture growth is most beautiful when it turns into durable growth.

We love, believe in, and stand behind this goal. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Let’s make big change happen together.


  • Cherish integrity above all else

  • Practice humility and self-awareness

  • Commit to a virtuous work ethic

  • Infectiously learn and infectiously mentor

  • Embrace optimism and suspend disbelief


Purpose vs Profit Purposeful Profit
Character vs Competence Character-led Competence
Compassion vs Competition Compassionate Competitiveness
Cultural relevance vs Company relevance Culturally-Relevant Company
Principles vs Performance Principled Performance


A cue ball is both classic and modern, bold and understated.
A cue ball serves as a momentum driver and catalyst to propel things forward.
A cue ball leads and breaks the pack.
You can’t really start your game without a cue ball.

(Also, we already owned the domain…)