how we add value

We offer a network that spans the industries we invest in, the investment community, and some of the world’s greatest circles of thought leadership.


Our Cue Ball team members and Collective Brain Trust- our unique set of active investors- have been in your shoes

We not only have the entrepreneurial respect for what you do, but we can add unique value through our knowledge and our connections. We have almost 100 years of total business building experience across our team. We share a deep understanding of the industries we invest in and the metrics that really matter. We’ve written about several practical building tools and tactics in our blogs, articles and in our book. This is what we know. This is what we do. This is what we love. And then, there’s our work ethic- as your partner we are “always on” and will work as hard as you. Whether it’s as basic as being a periodic sounding board, or having a weekly recurring call to review business metrics and priorities, our team at Cue Ball is here for you.


One of Cue Ball’s most privileged assets, if not the most, is our relationship network.

Beginning with Cue Ball’s own curated value-add investor group that forms the Cue Ball Collective to a near peerless set of relationships in the industries in which we invest, Cue Ball has a unique ecosystem of people, companies and institutions to gain and offer access. The right relationship can accelerate a business to the next level. Practically, this means constantly connecting our portfolio company CEOs to prospective team members, potential customers, or other valuable partners. One example of this spirit is On Cue. Each year, Cue Ball hosts a private gathering that convenes about 300 of the best and brightest leaders for a single day of inspiration and connectivity. On Cue includes our Collective investor members and portfolio company CEOs and is part of our expression and recognition that venture capital is not about investing in companies, but investing in people. See link to our most recent On Cue.