We believe in companies with a clear intent for their existence and refuse to subscribe to assumptions that purpose and profit are irreconcilable. We want entrepreneurs who are both visionary idealists and real-world pragmatists. Our view? Enterprises that create durable value somehow simply combine an authentic and purposeful brand narrative with a common sense business model.


It’s all about people of competence and character. True success comes from scaling not just a company, but also a culture. We partner with high integrity, customer-obsessed, and passionate leaders who want big change – 10x betterment or more to the status quo. Most things can be solved by a “who” and our team stands ready to serve, augmented by a unique ecosystem of relationships.


Doing things differently and with greater ambitions just takes longer. Long-term compounding wins over time and we believe in a “tortoise vs hare” principle to turn venture growth into durable growth. Our patient pool of evergreen capital focuses more on sustainable growth than it does on exit and offers flexibility to support founders from the outset while doubling-down as success emerges.

how we add value

Real World Knowledge

Our knowledge comes from “miles on the skis” of having been there with similar situations, opportunities and challenges (yes, mistakes!). We want to offer specific and practical insights shaped by real-world experiences. We prefer live and collaborative discussion whenever possible, but are also proud of the library of thought-capital that we have authored and other external resources we can recommend.

Real Authentic Connections

We know how lucky we are to have been mentored throughout our careers and we see it as part of our job to connect good people who can help each other reach goals and full potential. Our relationship ecosystem is unique in its diversity and depth, and we believe that most things can be solved with the right who. To that end, we celebrate as part of our DNA the power of convening which is exemplified by our flagship gathering called On Cue.

what we are looking for

We’re not for everyone, but neither should you be.

We zero in on people first and in areas where our experience and connections can help distinguish us as we build purposeful category-defining opportunities for work and life. For examples, see our portfolio. In all cases we want things that have the potential to be long-term “compounders” – things that don’t just capture value but create it in a meaningful and durable manner.

Ideas don’t make money: people do. The right people can fix an imperfect idea. But the best ideas can’t fix the wrong people. We want passionate, self-aware leaders who create the culture, systems and people around them to drive towards common goals and a big vision.

Theoretical financial models mean less than business model fundamentals. You need to know the inputs to the desired outputs. Our most favored business models have habitual and high-repeat purchase patterns from obsessed customers willing to pay premiums above costs and competitors.

Laser-focus on a clear niche increases the probability of being the best at something and being the best is always a good thing. Obviously we all want to be the best and biggest, but a series of more narrow and focused attacks in the “game” can eventually make you the player in the game to beat.


Build founding team
and demonstrate initial
commercial proof

Up to $2M

Bite size
$100k to $500k initial investment


Refine product market fit with
core-of-core customer and further business model proof points

Up to $10M and path to profitability

Bite size
$1M to $5M initial investment


Put “Fuel on fire” and
demonstrate scale in the business model and  culture

$10M+ and, EBITDA positive

Bite size
$5 to $10M+ initial investment